Mentoring- and Assessmentdays Team SüdWest 28. – 31. October 2020

28.10.2020 - 31.10.2020, Odenwald

Our motivation for the Mentoring- and Assessmentdays

We like to offer an atmosphere where we can exchange our experiences as trainers and where we can grow and develop together. We want to live a vital relationship to CNVC as we are a part of this organisation. We like to empower our common network and to contribute to collaboration among us. This is the reason why we invite trainers in the process of certification from abroad. The days will be bilingual: English and German. we hope that these days can happen …. we do not know how Corona will influence our possibilities to travel then.

We have developed a new kind of assessment as a group event that is appropriate to our understanding of NVC. We are pioneers and the participants are invited to discover and develop with us the new land which is lying ahead of us. We want to have fun, joy and ease.

Motivation to take part can be:

  • To close the certification process during these days, if preassessment was before
  • To become clear before registration about the process and the own decision
  • To reassure the own situation in the process and to become aware about the next steps and the confidence in oneself
  • To get feedback from trainers and colleagues
  • To have exchange about the understanding of being a trainer of the CNVC
  • To be a part of the worldwide network and to collaborate
  • To learn something new in community
  • To share point of views according „hot issues“ like money, fear of exams, competition, …

Please have in your luggage:

– the willingness and motivation for shared learning processes

– an exercise that you give to us (and all of us are in the role of being your participants) so that we can give you feedback on you as a trainer

– Rememberings, exercises, games, …. What ever you like to share with us

And if there are any questions please contact one of us. Thank you.

team südwest