Giovanna: Deeply nourished …. A Feedback to the Mentoringdays with the Team SouthWest

16. Januar 2015

“Frankfurt Airport, December 21, 2014

A few hours after the close of the International Mentoring Days, in Weinheim, I want to fix my words because I want to capture all the feelings I feel. I left Italy with no idea of who were Rita, Doris and Edith. I did’t have many questions, I just knew that they were the team of Assessors of my certification and I knew that would be necessary to do this step to continue my projects.
I didn’t guess how could be the structure and the esperience of the days.
I come out after three days deeply nourished, with a new inner stability, both human and professional.
The act of the feedback, the “nourishment of return”, is the size that I experiment from the first to the last moment of this experience.
The feedback has a transformative power and is an essential skill for a NVC trainer: give or riceive feedback is an Art that need be refined, so that it can fully be constructive and creative contribution to the life of ourselves and others.
The combination of personality and humanity of Assessors is amazing: a mix of warm and acceptance, fine modeling of skills and compassionate encouragement.
All this has made the Mentoring Days the most formative experiences as aspiring NVC trainer.

Thank you, from the heart.
Giovanna Castoldi
candidate trainer ITALY”