Feedback einer TNin an den Assessmenttagen August 2013

Dear Doris, Rita and Edith,
I feel grateful and joyful having participated and being assessed in your international mentoring & assessment days. Along this challenging process I have had the privilege to have met you, dear friends, and to enjoy your warmth and kindness while supporting my journey. I appreciate your courage and creativity in creating these days and your willing to do it in English, so I could join too. I liked how you planned these days and how much I learned as a candidate. Your input supported me and will stay in my heart. My needs for recognition, belonging, connection, support, partnership and contribution in a large scale – are all met.
I send a special gratitude and appreciation to each and every one of you for your faith in me and for your support, which carried me along that journey.
I hope to initiate many new joint projects soon, with you all.
With warmth and friendship,

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