Feedbackbitte des CNVC für den New Future Process Integrated Plan

25. August 2016

Das CNVC lädt die weltweite GFK-Gemeinschaft einmal mehr ein, sich am New Future Process (NFP) zu beteiligen. Der NFP dient der Kreation einer zukunftsweisenden weltweiten Organisations- und Vernetzungsstruktur, die die Prinzipien und Praktiken der GFK widerspiegelt. Das CNVC bittet um Feedback zum umfassenden Integrated Plan:


Dear NVC colleagues and friends,
With gratitude and hope, we’re reaching out to our global community on behalf of CNVC’s New Future Process Integration Council. We’re asking for your participation once again in shaping the future of our new global organization, for now called “NVC-O” until a permanent name is chosen.
We’re at the point in this long, slow, mostly virtual process, of asking for your final high-threshold feedback on the plan that has emerged from the process that began in the Spring of 2014. Then, the CNVC Board announced, and agreed to fully support the decisions made within, the New Future Process, a process designed for the peaceful transfer of power and the co-creative transformation of our global NVC organization. And we’re almost there!
Many of us might remember the letter that went out to our network from the Board, describing the intent and details of the New Future Process, and inviting us all to participate in the shaping of our new organization. Some of us remember the inspiration and excitement we felt reading that vision, the plan to make the vision reality, and the invitation to be a part of it along with anyone else who felt inspired and wanted to contribute.
Some 600 of us from around the world, in four languages, responded to online questions, together in small pods. In real time, our input was instantly synthesized regarding the kind of organization we wanted to co-create and be part of. That was the Synanim process in the Summer of 2014.  The results were digested and collated, resulting in the creation of 9 international Working Groups, beginning in May 2015. Each Working Group was focused on a topic that had emerged from the Synanim Process as essential to the success and integrity of our new global NVC organization.
From those 9 Working Groups came 9 Working Group plans, each designed for their piece of the organizational puzzle. Each plan contained binding decisions that would eventually become part of the blueprint for our new organization. Each Working Group plan or summary went out to the network for feedback, with strong efforts to translate into Dutch, French, and German, and the feedback was incorporated into each Working Group’s plan.
In the Fall of 2015, Working Groups selected members to serve on the Implementation Council. Our job was to integrate the nine Working Group plans into a clear, non-contradictory, viable whole that could be implemented by the yet-to-be-elected Implementation Council. The Integration Council started work in December 2015.
The Integration Council met by video-conference for four months, came together in an intensive in-person four-day meeting this Spring, then did two more months of work to complete the Integrated Plan. At the in-person meeting we completed the core of the plan to create NVC-O (our temporary name for the new organization), selected a 7-member Transition Team made up of 4 Integration Council members, 2 CNVC Staff and 1 Board member, and elected a 5-member Implementation Council who will be responsible for carrying out the Integrated Plan and beginning to build NVC-O.
But first we need your help! We’d like as many of you as possible to become familiar with the Integrated Plan of NVC-O by choosing to do one or more of the following:
  • Read the full Integrated Plan (200 pages, English only)
  • Read the summary of the plan (14 pages, which will be translated into French, German, Dutch, and likely other languages, by September 27th)
  • Review the slide-show presentation on the Integrated Plan (which will be translated)
  • Participate in a video-conference information session: a moderated presentation of the slide-show, a session to hear from and connect with someone involved in developing the plan, or a pure question & answer / discussion session (some sessions will be translated)
  • Watch or listen to a recording of an information session
We’d like your high threshold, or “fatal flaw” feedback by October 31, giving us time to do translation work, digest your feedback, and make necessary changes in the Integrated Plan before NVC-O begins to be built.
We’re asking for high threshold, “fatal flaw” feedback at this point, as we have already asked for, received and integrated much feedback from the network during the Working Group phase. Right now, we want to know if there’s something that you see that you believe will prevent NVC-O from getting off the ground, or would prevent it from self-correcting in the event that it has built-in systemic problems.
We’re also asking for your level of enthusiasm for the new plan, and if you sense you’d like to be a part of it.
To give us your feedback, please look over the options for reviewing the Integrated Plan and chose the option(s) that appeal to you. You can give your feedback during a moderated plan presentation and/or by filling out the Feedback Survey by October 31.
Links related to Integrated Plan:
And please forward this to your NVC network!
Thank you very much!
With love, hope and gratitude,
Barbara Larson and Bob Wentworth
On behalf of the Integration Council
Jim Manske, Mary Mackenzie, Miki Kashtan, Elkie Deadman, Jori Manske, Joakim Svahn, Kathleen Macferran, Aimee Ryan, Robert Krzisnik, Karl Steyaert, Chris Rajendram, Roberta Wall, Jeyanthy Siva, Amanda Blaine, Mika Maniwa, Bob Wentworth, Barbara Larson

August 19, 2016

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