Mentoring-/Assessmenttage international – Team Südwest


We – the Assessorteam South West Germany – celebrate that our first mentoringdays in English had taken place. With candidates from Luxemburg, Austria, France, Italy, Israel and Germany we met in English – no one of us speaking English as mother tongue. It has been an adventure! And we are grateful that there is a spoken language that gives us words which all of us can share.

We celebrate the courage of all our candidates to agree to that and to present an exercise for us in English most of the time without using translation (into German). It was a chance to concentrate on the essentials that wanted to be shared and to avoid stories. It was a chance to connect on much more levels than on spoken language: trust, faith in our willingness to connect and our goodwill.

It needed a lot of concentration of all of us.

We were 13 people, 10 candidates and 3 assessors. Each of the participants presented an exercise for all of us and even the feedback was done in English.

And we had fun together with all our accents and searching for words. It needed our willingness to listen to each other.

Connection is so much more than words. This is one of the deep experiences we made in these days and the attitude of nvc is supporting it and so our mutual learning was on several levels, like in an IIT. We had our “little” IIT as assessment for three candidates: Hagit from Israel, Andrea from Austria and Claudia from Germany.

So we celebrate that our model – to do assessment in groups and with groups – has now implemented the aspect of doing assessment in international groups.

In our evaluation this morning we three came to the conclusion that our needs for ease, connection, awareness, learning, aliveness, community and contribution are fulfilled and decided to do it again if necessary or required. And we want to share this experience with you and to invite you to celebrate with us the growing of our network – and the social change that is alive in it.

With awe and gratitude,

Doris, Rita and Edith